Physiotherapy services

Physiotherapy services

We at Physiotherapeautics strive to be the one stop shop for all your needs. We provide you personalized packages for your conditions.

With our team of great physiotherapists, we strive to provide you best physiotherapy treatments for all age groups and conditions.

Fitness assessment ergonomic assessment

Be it for sports persons to gauge your fitness level, or an ergonomic assessment for working professionals, we offer personalized fitness assessments for your every need.

massage therapy

We offer personalized massage therapy for sports persons according to your needs.

For every profession, there are lots of potential or already existing health issue which we're here for to prevent or help you with.

Be it competitive athletes or athletic teams, our strength and conditioning programmes can help you to improve your performance.

We all know how hard it is to stay motivated to achieve our workout goals. Our personal trainers will help you to get to your best and healthy form!

Our seniors unfortunately often don't get the care they need to be fit and healthy in the second half of their life. While in other countries, most seniors are active till their 80ies, in India we even see 60-year-olds who are dependent on their children. Let us help you change that!

For athletes and sports persons, a good nutrition plan is key for a good health and high performance.

A healthy body needs the best nutrition and it's our goal to provide you with the best nutritional advice.


Especially for professional sports persons, it's not just about physical health but also a lot about mental health. To make sure you're on top of you're game, we're here to take care of the mental aspect as well.

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