Physiotherapeautics has tied up wiith one of the number one nutrition services to provide you with the best overall care possible! 


WYNIT has evolved to provide world class sports nutrition services. Our Services, involve close monitoring by a panel of experts that will help you to achieve your goals with customised nutrition plans. We focus on a holistic approach between the coach, parent and sports nutritionist which recognizes both the emotional and physical needs of a young athlete. We can also shape the youth’s  sportsmanship by analysing the genes which affect performance, food intolerances and speed with the help of Advanced Gene Testing. USP lies in using no artificial supplements. While most use supplements to help them perform better, we believe in the power of natural foods to help you achieve your goals.

How we do it

Assessment :

The nutritionist will consult with the player and the parent/guardian to understand the type of sport played, body type, specific nutritional needs, likes and dislikes, culture, energy requirement, micro-nutrient intake and food preferences.


The nutritionist may suggest certain biochemical tests or a gene test.


A panel of nutritionists analyse reports of biochemical tests, genetic test{in case opted} and lifestyle/sport details are correlated and analysed to generate a customised diet plan.


Final phase that marks the start of new beginnings towards good health and high performance. The nutritionist will counsel the athlete on the importance of nutrition and recovery. Multiple food options will be given emphasizing on pre and post training.

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