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Personal Training

Personal training

We have tied up with some great personal trainers to get to your best and healthiest form!

Sunil's Fitness Wave

Sunil's Fitness Wave


In each person lies their best and healthiest selves. As people have become health-conscious and image-sensitive, so has the pursuit of fitness. However, so many times we see people start a fitness program feeling motivated and lose interest quickly because it becomes boring after a while! But, hold on – a lot of enthusiasts from Goa don’t get bored at all with their fitness regimen and the reason – their multi-talented certified fitness trainer Sunil Karmalkar. With a decade of experience under his belt in designing contemporary, unconventional and creative fitness programs, tailored as per individual’s requirements, for indoor and outdoor applications (including the beautiful Goan beaches), he has created his own distinct identity that sets him miles apart. 

His latest venture is “Sunil’s Fitness Wave” where he trains directly on Miramar Beach. Exercising at the beach is one of life’s pleasures. The fresh air, the smell of the ocean, and the feeling of the sun on your back. It offers extra resistance when working out on the sand, helps in burning more calories, and is easier on your joints. There’s just nothing else like it.

Sunil’s beach fitness programs are a major hit amongst Goan fitness enthusiasts. He does group sessions for young and old wherein he conducts various drills using markers, cones, agility ladders, weights, and other such tools, to make sessions more interesting and challenging.

Sunil now also has an indoor space at Caculo Mall in Panjim.

Learn more about Sunil, his expertise and achievements here.

Crossfit Karma


Crossfit Karma is the first purely Crossfit facility in Goa! Their workouts give high results in weight loss, muscle gain and overall fitness compared to regular gym workouts.

Crossfit is a combination of Weightlifting, Gymnastics, and Cardio, performed at high intensity. The fitness trainers at Crossfit Karma will tailor your everyday workout differently, keeping you surprised and more motivated everyday than with a regular gym workout.

What makes Crossfit Karma special is that every session is a personal training session without extra charges unlike regular gyms. That means your workout, form, progress and diet will always be monitored by their trainers, and they will try to make your every session count. 

You find them in Porvorim near O’Coqueiro Circle.

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