health & weight management
health & weight management

health & weight management

Physiotherapeautics has tied up wiith one of the number one nutrition services to provide you with the best overall care possible! 


Diet Dr Clinic is a professionally managed chain of Weight loss & Wellness clinics in India since 2013 that specialises in Weight Loss, Clinical Diets and Holistic Management. Through our expert guidance and support, we have made a positive impact on more than 10,000+ patients (weight, health and general well-being).

Our Concept

We believe in the power of natural and wholesome foods in maintaining a healthy weight and boosting overall health. Diets are planned and advised for weight loss, weight management, clinical issues, women’s health, paediatric health, sports, skin, immunity and genetic predispositions. Our USB being the focus on Customised plans, Patient-Nutritionist communication, Support group, monitoring by panel of nutritionists, recipe assitance, etc

Holistic Health & Weight Management

Assessment :

The nutritionist will take the patient’s particulars mandatorily required for body analysis i.e. particulars, medical history, work type, body type, specific nutritional needs, likes and dislikes, allergies, culture, energy requirement, and food preferences.


The nutritionist would suggest certain biochemical tests to the patient for analysing body essential parameters. Gene test option is also given to the patients/clients.


A panel of nutritionists would correlate reports of biochemical tests vis-à-vis lifestyle and analysed to generate a customised diet plan.

Customised plan and nutrition advice:

Reports and medical history are analysed to generate a customised diet plan to meet the requirements (weight loss or clinical condition).

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