Dr. Twinkle James, PT
Dr. Twinkle James, PT

Dr. Twinkle James, PT

Professional Information


Profession: Neuro & Spine Physiotherapist 


Experience: 15+ years


Specialities: Neurological & Spine related conditions, Orthopaedics, Surgical, Cardiopulmonary, Women’s Health, Geriatrics, Paedicatric


Clinic: Daffodils Multi-Speciality Hospital, Vasco, Goa


Areas of service: Vasco and surrounding areas



Educational Background:

  • SSC, Mumbai University
  • HSC, Mumbai University
  • B.Sc (Physical Therapy), Mumbai University
Home visit fee: starting at ₹ 800(depending on condition and distance)

Certifications & attended Workshops:

  • Workshop on Adult Hemiplegia (1999)
  • Manual Therapy – II Vetebral Column (Maitland Concept), by Dr. DH Distort, PT and Dr. VC Jacob, PT (1999)
  • Course on basics of N.D.T. by Dr. Asha Chitnis, PT NDT (Ped) USA (1999)
  • Workshop on Biomechanics by Dr. Nandu Chhabaria, PT (2000)
  • Courses on Motor Control Problems by Dr. Asha Chitnis, PT (2000)
  • Biomechanics Research & Clinical Study by International Faculty Los Angeles, USA by Dr. Christopher Powers, Phd PT, USA (2001)
  • Workshop on Cardio Pulmonary Resusciation (2001)
  • Manual Therapy – Year Long Manual Medicine | Maitland Concept Spine & Peripheral Joints | Osteopathic Concept & Neural Tissue Mobilisation by Dr. Nandu Chhabaria, PT, Dr. Mamta Shah, PT, Dr Hemakshi Basu, PT (2002)
  • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) Awareness Course by Dr. Nandu Chhabaria, PT (2002)
  • Workshop on Management of Hand by Dr. Chhaya Verma, M.Sc PT (2002)
  • Workshop on Introduction to Myofascial Release by Dr. Usha R Kannithi, PT & Nancy C Rascho (O.T.R.) (2002)
  • The Evaluation and Treatment of “Balance & Dizziness Disorders” by Fay Bahling Horak (International Society for posture & gait research) (2003)
  • Brain Mulligan Concept for Spinal Mobilisation by Dr. Deepak Kachalia (2003)
  • Knee Joint – Clinical Diagnosis & Management (2003)
  • Shoulder Joint – Clinical Diagnosis & Management (2003)
  • Sacro Pelvic – Complex Evaluation & Treatment (Academy of Rehab Sciences, Mumbai) (2004)
  • Workshop on Brain Mulligan Concept by Dr. Deepak Kumar (2011)
  • Training on McKenzie Technique (MDT) by QI Spine (2016)
  • Advanced Training on McKenzie Technique (MDT) by QI Spine (2017)
  • Certified Evidence based Orthopedic Manual Therapy (CEOMT) Diplomat of ISOMT (Ongoing, year long course)

Dr. Twinkle James, PT


Dr. Twinkle James, PT is our senior physiotherapist at our physio department at Daffodils Multi-Speciality Hospital in Vasco. She has 15+ years of experience, specialising in Neuro and Spine problems.

Dr. Twinkle started her career as an intern in 1997 at KEM Hospital Sheth G.S. Medical College as intern, treating acute and chronic patients for various medical  and surgical problems such as neurology, ortho, cardio-respiratory problems, burns, amputations, plastic surgery, general surgery etc. 

After her internship she worked from 1998-2005 as clinical physiotherapist at the Neuro Physiotherapy Department at Bombay Hospital and Medical Research Centre where she treated neurological and neurosurgical patients in ICU, wards and depts., as well as spine care of operated and non-operated cases and respiratory care. Due to the nature of her husbands profession, Dr. Twinkle worked all over India and in different hospitals, which allowed her to gain a vast range of experience.  

From 2005-2006, Dr. Twinkle worked as honorary physiotherapist at the Naval Hospital Kalyani, Visakhapatnam. From 2009-2010, she worked on community based rehabilitation for various neurological and Orthopaedic problems with references from Dr. Roshan Vania, Bombay Hospital. From 2011-2012, she worked as consultant physiotherapist at the Physio Care Clinic in Vasco, Goa where she treated Orthopaedic cases on OPD basis.

In 2013, she became head of the physiotherapy department of the Liver Transplant Team at Lakeshore Hospital, Kochi where she worked until 2014, treating IPD and OPD cases, managed liver transplant patients and developed treatment protocols. From 2015-2016 she joined the team at Apollo Health Care, Port Blair, as on-call physio. She then moved to New Delhi and worked from 2016-2018 as Senior Spine Consultant at QI Spine Neck & Back Clinic, Dwarka. 

Before joining us in March 2022 when we opened our physio department, Dr. Twinkle did community based rehab in Vasco since 2021 and was associated with Daffodils Hospital right from the start.

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